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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 9:41 AM



So I've found some of my old hot-press watercolour paper that I thought we'd left at our last house, and decided I'd get to painting again, since I have some very good friends who have been letting me in on their creative process lately and it's leaving me with the itch. Probably none of you who watch me on this account and didn't know me from pre-2010 know that I paint, since I haven't painted at all since then except for a few logo concepts, but I do. I love working with oils and watercolours, particularly oils but they're a pain to clean and take forever to work with because of drying times, so watercolours were my go-to. I've got the entire line of W+N artists' watercolour tubes (though I'm out of sepia and green-gold, baw) and Robert Simmons Sapphire brushes and it's made me feel super shitty for the last five years to know I have all the stuff and it's not getting loved. Especially when I see people on the site who have way more time and talent than me, but can't afford the good shit.

I set up a sad little painting space in my bedroom (yes, I stretch my paper right onto the walls; don't judge me):

-1 by tiganusi

And pulled out the essentials. I support using convenience pigments for certain effects, like the clumping you get with terre verte and the stupid colour highlights you get with opera rose and dioxazine violet. And sanguine chalk pencils to make it extra pretentious. Pardon the shitty cellphone shots:

-3 by tiganusi-4 by tiganusi

And proceeded to make an extremely rough draft (on printer paper because I'm a slacker), using a Dior ad as a lighting/arm angle reference and a picture of a transvestite from grindr as a reference for hair, but I left that out of this shot:

-2 by tiganusi

And then transferred it to the big paper with an HB pencil as a series of amorphous blobs and some squiggly lines that look like cartoon farts. Now tonight I'm going to start adding paint to the paper.

I also played with some darkroom chemicals as dilution media last night, and will post those results later. Spoiler alert: If you add Ilford DD-X film developer to Manganese Blue, it makes this weird-ass blue string cheese.

On a gear-related note: Any of you use the Golden QoR watercolour tubes yet? I'm loving the oil-like pigment richness I see in their sample pieces, but I'm leery about spending money on other paint I don't know, when I can screw around with W+N and additives to get similar depth. I'm also guessing they have to be pretty opaque and VERY high-staining/high-tinting to get that depth, and I like working with thin glazes of transparent stuff, and paints that I can at least guess the tint strength of when I'm mixing.

Preamble to Feature

So today (and yesterday), I browsed street, photojournalism, portraiture, still life, commercial and darkroom. I decided I'd toss in some erotic-style works too, because I respect their artistic merit and their expressive quality. Please keep in mind that for something to be porn on deviantART, it has to be explicit - way more explicit than the stuff I'm showing. It's not enough that two people might or might not be having sex outside the frame. For it to be porn, you have to actually see the penis in the vagina, or the erection in all its erect glory, or sex toys or ejaculation or lubricant. Erotic art is about leaving it to the imagination, not about making it in-your-face, and it's a well-established niche in both traditional media and photography since the dawn of those formats. It's also well-established on deviantART and I, for one, like seeing it if it's well-done. Now, that disclaimed, let's go onto the pretty things:

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c "mark" perry
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I'm the picture-taking former Gallery Moderator for Photography who proselytized about pringles, pandas and polaroids. I'm a once-upon-a-time lit kid who's had a poem published here and there.

I was around the site, dAmn and IRC on a few other accounts on and off since late 2001, most notably `IBinsanity, where I probably left you with a very favourable first impression.


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