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A random sampling of DDs I've set.

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Photography Exposed: Instant Film

Mon Jul 27, 2015, 1:57 PM
Photography exposed is a brand new series of articles brought to you by your General Photography Community Volunteers! Kaz-DMrs-Durden and tiganusi are going to be exposing the popular and the not so popular galleries within main Photography gallery here on DeviantArt. For this third edition I've chosen to focus on Darkroom > Instant Film- one of the niche galleries that is exactly what it says on the tin and then much, much more!

dry by analogphoto

What Is It?

"Images shot on film which contains all the chemicals needed for developing and fixing the photograph, for example Polaroid film. This can also include emulsions and lifts from instant film. This gallery is not for images which have had Polaroid-style filters or frames added during digital processing."
Instant Film is a pretty small gallery and also a fairly tight-knit community, but one that is united by a very specific passion - the members who submit to Instant Film tend to love to experiment! And because of the nature of instant film's availability, they often have no choice: Most available polaroid film is now expired beyond the point of reliability, and the Impossible Project film that's replaced it is still classified as experimental and unwarrantied. Fuji's instant offerings are a bit more reliable, but their packfilms especially lend themselves to advanced treatments like negative bleaching and emulsion lifting.

Waves by Engelsblut24

The upside of the experimentation? The Instant Film community on DA is a wealth of resources for how to control the results you get from your materials down to the minutiae and how to tweak them to get specific effects. And most photographers who are active in the IF gallery are very approachable and not afraid to share their tips. Just don't be surprised if they tell you that a specific image was frozen, burned, fed to an ostrich, and then scanned through waxed paper.

Gear In Review: A Contest

Fri Jul 17, 2015, 9:00 AM

The Basics

Who doesn't need an excuse to buy something new and/or try something they've had forever and not got around to using? Or extol the virtue of their favourite tool? Not artists, that's for damn sure - we love to talk, gloat about what we own, and show off our ability to play with it! :pringles:

And so, this contest was born. With Nonfiction Week coming up soon at CRLiterature and projecteducate we want to get you thinking about the types of nonfiction writing you encounter in everyday life. A major example of this is the review, an opinion piece grounded in fact and personal experience - you basically try something out, then write about whether you liked or disliked it and why other people should buy/not buy it.


Almost everyone has, at some point, written a review; you probably wrote book reports or critical essays in school, and those are sort of like a review if you squint enough. Gear reviews are similar to book reports or art critiques, just about something you use to make art. People review paints, cameras, lenses, papers and pens, software, art instruction books, even assistants in their studio - so no matter your medium of choice there's definitely something for you to write about. Just pick something art-related that you already own or buy something you've been meaning to try and then keep reading!

A good review has four parts:
  1. Critique - where you talk about the good and bad elements of the product.
  2. Demonstration - where you show what the thing can do! This is the fun part, you get to play around with the item and test what it's capable of, and show off your experimentation to the reader.
  3. Application - where you discuss what specific jobs or projects the thing would be good or bad for.
  4. Recommendation - where you get to just straight up tell people whether it's worth buying/renting/using or they should leave it off their wishlist.
Get bent, David Duchovny in drag.

We aren't asking for any specific word count, but the review should contain all the information a reader might need to make a decision - so somewhere around 500 words is probably on the low end. Bonus points for images in your demonstrations. Double bonus points for not taking yourself too seriously.

Samples of Reviews

:bulletblue: Art Book Review: Digital Painting Techniques: V6
:bulletblue: SAI review
:bulletblue: Lens Review: Sigma 18-50/2.8
:bulletblue: New Cosplay Contact Lens Review! (Image-heavy!)

Check back later, as we're calling in some favours to get some more samples written up as the contest progresses. :eyes:

:bulletblue: Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Watercolor Crayons
:bulletblue: Sakura Pigma Micron Pens
:bulletblue: Masterpiece Odorless Paint Thinner
:bulletblue: Sony E 16mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens
:bulletblue:Various Pens on Moleskine Paper


The contest will close for submissions at 11:59PM DeviantArt Time (PST/GMT-8) on Saturday August 22nd, 2015Entries will be judged based on a few really simple principles:
  1. Is the review useful? Does it tell a reader why the piece of equipment is[n't] worth buying or does it just tell them what colour it is?
  2. Is the review engaging? Does it keep the reader interested or is it dry? Bonus points for illustrations of the things you talk about.
  3. Is the review well-written? We're not looking for Pulitzer-quality material here, just some basics like whether it flows well and isn't one gigantic run-on sentence.
4. How many judges say this in response to your work?

Judges for this contest are, in no particular order: JenFruzz, a wanna-be painter from South Boston; TheMaidenInBlack, who knows a lot about conté crayons and earth pigments because she's Italian; neurotype, who totally doesn't like whiskey and strippers; Queen-Kitty, the newest victim of the CR team; and PirateLotus-Stock, the co-Queen of Stock and Resources because reviews are totally sort of like tutorials, right? Right?

This is how neurotype wanted to be introduced.


First Place
  • One year Premium Membership (or 2396 :points: ) from communityrelations 
  • Print of your choice valued at up to $20USD pre-shipping for you or a friend from shop
  • First edition copy of BOOK X by AUTHOR Y from CRLiterature and special sponsor PUBLISHING HOUSE Z (tba)
  • adcast Homepage Pack #2 directing to anything you want on your dA account with custom banner design from tiganusi and/or neurotype
  • 500 :points: from JenFruzz
  • Announcement Article about your win through CRLiterature and projecteducate during Nonfiction Week
  • Top-secret bonus prizes from the judges - that will be related to your primary art medium

Second Place
  • Three month Premium Membership (or 636 :points: ) from communityrelations 
  • Print of your choice valued at up to $10USD pre-shipping for you or a friend from shop 
  • First edition copy of BOOK X by AUTHOR Y from CRLiterature and special sponsor PUBLISHING HOUSE Z (tba)
  • 250 :points: from JenFruzz
  • Announcement Article about your win through CRLiterature and projecteducate during Nonfiction Week
  • Top-secret bonus prizes from the judges - that will be related to your primary art medium

Honourable Mentions
The judges are reserving the right to award extra prizes for honourable mentions in case we get lots of good stuff coming through. We've got a pool of 1000 :points: to give away courtesy of Moonbeam13 so keep the Chewbacca defenses about paint tubes coming! :stare:

How to Submit

This is the easy part! Put your review in Writer or as an image file in, then send it via note to supersecrethideout before 11:59PM DeviantArt Time (PST/GMT-8) on Saturday August 22nd, 2015 where it will be added to the database of entries! We've decided to use for entry submissions because it allows you your choice of an image-based entry or a text one. Keeping your options open since a few years ago! :stare:

Now Get Writing. :iconpringlesdanceplx:

Browsing by Newest, v23

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 8, 2015, 1:43 PM

Goings On

:new: Welcome Queen-Kitty to the CR team! She's covering Fashion Photography, so Commercial > Fashion and People and Portraits > Fashion DD suggestions go her way. She seems pretty awesome so this could be fun! :new:

Saturday I decided to join the septum-piercing mafia and got my nose stabbed with an IV catheter. That was fun. Now I can't make duckface and hosagu is disappointed in me:

Img 20150705 142749 by tiganusi

So yeah that's a thing. Do not get a septum piercing immediately before taking selfies. You will experience significant pain if you attempt duckface.

projecteducate has been on a photography roll this month, with Street week just finishing and now Photojournalism week beginning. Check out the wonderful tanikel's article What IS Photojournalism? and the somewhat-less-fabulous-but-still-pretty-fabulous Timothy-Sim's article Photojournalism Questions and Answers and keep an eye on the group for even more great stuff. In two weeks justanothersomeone is doing a week on Photography as a Medium which sounds kind of ludicrously fun but also educational, and then two weeks past that there's a Macro week with Kaz-D and MarcosRodriguez, and protip - Marcos is cute and European so he's one to keep an eye on.

CRPhotography also has some interesting goings-on right now, with the new Photography Exposed series that Katy, Nina and I are running being only the tip of the iceberg. Check out this month's Photography Newsletter for all sorts of good stuff. And then check out CONTEST for ALL DA ARTISTS/LITERATURE PEOPLE which I'm helping to judge - a contest about feels, and lord knows I love feels! Once you've done that, come check out ThumbHub Chat Guidelines and visit #ThumbHub, a new room created by JenFruzz for art sharing that I'm helping to mod. There's probably something going on at CRLiterature too if you just want to write things, I dunno.

Send me more DD suggestions, I'm not getting enough :stare: and go check out the DDs page which has lovely new +Watch buttons, so you can add the artists to your feed without having to click a million links!

Now onto the art.

Browse by Newest

Elephant Woman 7 by recipeforhaight
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Joey e24 by dynakor
Seized by drkshp


Artist | Professional

[The above is a found poem biography/artist's statement made of animated gifs. Oops.]

I'm C "Mark" Perry, the picture-taking former Gallery Moderator, now Community Volunteer for Photography who proselytizes about pringles, pandas and polaroids. In meatspace I worked as a designer and staff photographer for several years, then swapped into marketing management; I still freelance, show and sell my work but I don't like to talk about it. I'm a once-upon-a-time lit kid who's had a poem/editorial published here and there. I paint too. P is not my favourite letter, but you'd never believe that based on this paragraph.

I was around the site, dAmn and IRC on a few other accounts on and off since before dinosaurs had feathers, most notably on the account `IBinsanity, where I probably left you with a very favourable first impression.


DD Stuff

General Photography
:bulletblack: My Guidelines
:bulletblack: Nina's Guidelines
:bulletblack: Katy's Guidelines

Other Photography CVs
Animals, Plants and Nature JenFruzz
Fashion Photography Queen-Kitty
Artistic Nude and Fetish Photography Nyx-Valentine
Horror/Macabre Photography pullingcandy
Macro Photography MarcosRodriguez
Photojournalism tanikel
Pinup & Glamour Photography DistortedSmile
Street Photography hosagu

Tangentially Photo-Related CVs
Resources & Stock Elandria PirateLotus-Stock CelticStrm-Stock
Photomanipulation Aeirmid AbbeyMarie
Designs & Interfaces pica-ae
Artisan Crafts Brookette Erzsabet
Cosplay pullingcandy


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