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Harsh Critique
I'll take up to three poetry pieces totalling no more than 120 lines, up to three non-poetry writing pieces totalling no more than thirty pages, or up to ten photographs of your choice from your gallery. I will absolutely fucking tear them to shreds. I'll then write you a report about them and how to improve them and your overall style, and send it to you privately so your remaining feels can stay unbruised in public.
Artistic Prostitution
The above, plus a wild and crazy two-hour one-on-one critique/workshopping session with deviantART's Unofficial Polaroid King and Emo Poet-in-Residence. Travel costs not included, so skype is a requirement. Choose your own adventure.

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Senior Members: Diverse Artists Too

Wed Feb 25, 2015, 12:44 PM by tiganusi:icontiganusi:

Senior Week


Even though we're often thought of as community icons and public personalities onsite, the community of senior members is wonderfully broad - both in terms of our personal experiences and activities onsite, and our artwork. Below I've selected some work across various genres and media by DeviantArt's senior members to showcase how diverse we actually are. Some of these pieces are iconic in the DA galleries, but others are less-known or by people from long ago who you might have forgotten.

Since there are so many seniors, I've had to limit the number I could post in this article. For an extended sample, see This Collection or check the gallery at dAseniors!

Seniors' Art

TOGETHER by getcarterFreckleface by TolaStrange New World by tigaer
Different Skies by vm
APH China and Japan by ThiefoworldHenna 11.2 by ExilliorPrinted by SuicideBySafetyPinpunx tattoo by stigmatattoo
Mountains Silhouette by uae4uRed Sonja issue 8 cover by ToolKitten
The Awakening by shebidstairways by scheinbarancient knowledge by scissors-hands
Tube Ride by tanya-n
Modern Mary and the baby.. by straightfromcameraPacman by StamatisGR
Consumed by SandraPellyWhy so serious? by Rahlli love GOSTOP by RainCookie
Catfish, Fishcat by silentkittyRipped by serpentinekissInherent by SeaFairy
222 by PukeChrist
Fatty by RaggatronTMNT vs Zombies: Michelangelo by pinkhavokFragile by photonig
Medusa Costume by ohnojaylothe wizard of id by noir276 cats by nicolas-gouny-art
Close Up III by nightyBat Out of Hell by sandaraon the job by rhapsouldize
Haikuwrimo Collection - May 06 by MSJamesMMMMMMMMGASTLEH by Mrcrapinson.Confessions. by MisantropiaDolphinrape by lolitaAgogo
CastRoller Business Cards by picard102come little kitty by photofairySky Burial by phlezk
Random Practice: Old School by LorrieWhittingtonIMMENSE part1 by LineBirgitteRapscallion Rat by lemontea
Gato Franchute by laurartDreamscape Forest by jezebelFurther Controversy by ien
Blessed by Jules1983Tapir baby by jeriweaverThis Corrosion by Lady-Twiglet
Cheesebarrow by OneFreeInternetDraum by monatorgersenDevotion by warfish
Insekta - Taloowa by insektaserpentaTaste the rainbow - hypermind by hypermindThe moment after... by zemotionNo Easy Way Out by larafairie
Forgotten Fairytales by zemotion
vertigo by garrittotem --fd by fuzzydemonAIDENUS PRINT SERIES No. 4-3 by frailNew Batgirl Desgin! by Fico-Ossio
The kidnappingHe'd put the forty-watt bulb in deliberately. Its dull glow filtered through layered fumes and added just the right touch of atmosphere.
Three thousand bloody words.
He swore and sucked hard on the spindly, hand-rolled cigarette. The raw, bitter kick at the back of his throat nearly made him choke and he spluttered, swallowing the reflex and the smoke and holding his breath until red lights danced in front of his eyes.
In the corner the girl cowered, limbs crunched tightly against torso, her weeping muffled.
The cigarette dropped into last night's coffee mug with a faint hiss. Grunting heavily, he reached around the desk, fumbled another paper and carefully pinched a tiny wad of tobacco.
Not much left. Damn.
Two of the joss sticks had gone out. He relit them with his lighter, savouring the burnt sandalwood that thickened the atmosphere. The laptop's shine was muted, but the nearly blank white page was beginning to be irritating. Licking parched lips, he checked the word count. 166 Word
Senryu Series 121.
adjunct office
even the printer
patio nap
he still wakes up
in Iraq
essay due
his grandmother dies
cult documentary
another gnat
in the lemonade
I choose not to round
her grade
my rent
on the preacher's back,
autumn wind
corporate merger
a new boss, the age
of my son
corporate ladder
the boss graduates
with my son
gossip blog
the same old bats
turning 60
even his shadow
eviction notice
I purchase 10 acres
on Farmville
deep in love
she invades my side
of the bed
meeting her dad
a loose thread
in my sweater
newly wed
until debt
do us part

We Are Family by mnooLa Femme Nouveau by maxwell-hezaRed Panda Profile by TVD-Photography
f f by gnatoTwo For Joy by DuffzillaPolitically Correct - Eat it by dinyctis
Swarm Intelligence by DpressedSoul
time to wait too long-the crow by dholmsBurning Heart by kuschelirmelThe internet by DamaiMikazPrincess Bubblegum Pop by jcroxas
New by kris-wilsonReaching out for love by KjherstinPortrait of a fetish model by jennipenny
Seeker by Majnounasatellite by davespertinewinking natalie by cweeks
Silver sigh and flames of dust by Itti
The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulavThe Dark Tower IV.V: The Wind Through the Keyhole by conzpiracyHand Drawn/Painted Sacred Heart Ring - image 2 by asunder
summer by imogene
Future Queen by ChewedKandiRise Above Your Station by jasinskiheart strings by b33lz3bub
lovers on a bridge by hakubaikou
Beam me up Scotty by imaginismGalaxy Creator by HellobabyA Story Without An Ending by hakanphotography

Tuojiang River by foureyesCommunity by ArtByCherUniverse Effects by neverdying
Black by FixMeKnowAbandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains by fantasioLiquid Crystal Display by jake
Playground Punk by girltripped
Ninquefind'ell by anachsunamonKBC: Hurricane by AimanStudioThis is the end, Beautiful friend by PorcelainPoetMika by 1pen
at the bridge by Anako-ARTAnd Then The Sky Fell by snowmaskTraenen aus Blut III by Stagedproof. by angelcurls
the light of sweet remembrance by equivoque
Number 3 by DivineErrorTIGGER'S REVENGE - by DanLuVisiArt-because we share life- by fangedfem
No Train For YesterdayI spend two & a half smiles on strangers,
drink a bottle of casual words
& head down a silent street, accompanied
by muted endeavors of faceless clowns.
It's a tired, malnourished day, strained
over frail dusty bones of hours
& as I run my hand along a minute,
it feels like leather, worn from wear.
You still arise in idle thoughts:
the way you stopped to watch me at
an ambiguous train station up north.
You were the streetlight that blinked on
& off in futile attempt to murder wind
while snow raced horizontal lines
& hurried past large metal doors.
You seemed to revel in movement,
smoothed air with your skin
as I headed on.  Gave shelter
to a misplaced thought & lost another
in muddy puddles behind my temples,
aching now, condensed for spare.
The smell of old liquor & masculinity
still lingers in my nostrils' memory.
You asked for clarity in all I said
out of spite & I couldn't find the words.
Shreds of sentence fragments tasted bitter
& I washed them down with another
glass o
Oh, God, a couch and the miles between hearts.
Girl leaves her husband after one year
and is online dating a month later,
       dating that billionaire who barely talks to her,
       but it’s better to have just ‘something.’
       girl calls you weird for sitting on the same couch as her
       when you go to watch a movie together. But
The electronic light of your phone, and the miles.  
She says “I miss you” and Godthemiles.
It is easy to predict the future here,
but only because distance negates reality
before  you even begin.  
       And how you wanted to kiss her
       watching a movie sitting in two chairs next to each other
       on your computer screen in 14 Rue Kléber Mercier.
       And how your sister thinks she looks like
Conversations with an old poetHe is grey-whiskered furniture, a pub fixture;
akin to the ashtrays and rickety seats
frequently occupied by bickering students.
'What is poetry?' they asked him one inebriated evening.
He thinks back to some long, hazy hour
when a glass of bourbon sought its six brothers
and a vast expanse of blank paper confronted him.
'There is purity here,' he mused,
'it would be barbaric to taint this beauty
with crude splotches and scribbles of ink.
Far better to leave it clean.'
The bourbon gave him a clarity of thought:
the unmarked parchment was perfection,
a masterpiece of condensed meaning;
a post-modern wet-dream of unfettered potential.
'What is poetry?'
                         He emptied a thoughtful pint
and then, with reverence, placed before them
a pristine page from his notebook.

: mesmerized : by hellfiredivaDivorce Francais by bypass2020uniqueness 3 by suzi9mm
Carl and his big big love by Norke
Mononoke by DanielaUhligRubber Ducky Youre the One by cosfrogWintry Figaroo by cooley
Sketch Fight (Pencil Vs Camera - 79) by BenHeine
Piggyback by GH-MoNGoDrinking Red Squirrel by WNPhotographyHello Life by scrapsaurusCircular Profile Menu - Redefined by CypherVisor
pazow by cleanup
The Silver Ghost by Angelles-LaVeau25 by LimetasticZen Doodle Peacock by Doubtful-DellaStorm Warning by limnides
Where I End and You Begin by axcyViolin by AthenaTT Blue Nuns in a Barren LandThe work of God,
they say the word of God,
is the finger of a mountain crushing
an evergreen forest, as a thumb put-places
the page; a bookmark made of eternity that forms the Now.
And if you disagree, as some authoritarian would,
place your page upfront, with all its words,
and let them choir as all choirboys do
before the unpleased crowd
of Me and You.
The shades will grow, we both should know,
for all deliberate things do so.
The grass will feeble by the wind,
so the wrath of His nose maketh it low.
And in the midst of crowing fiends
where Gehenna's gape is wide and grim
a blue trail 'll form of heads held high -
the taciturnly nuns will glide by.
No man is right
prior ere of deeds,
but he who dares to
cross the river Styx by rowing
naked with no fear of remorse in his heart.
That is the man which Zeus feared most,
that which Thor-thunder's arched before
and grounded at the forest deep,
where evergreens grow wild
and proud before the mountain.
The boughs stretch ad infinitum
in such

Waterfall Doorway by arcipello
Monster Poetry by mamifferRetro Candy by fourteenthstarA Natural Disaster by AlexandraVBachCocoa Butter Painting by Battledress
Not Falling Apart by arhcamt
7th painting by EmberRoseArtMost Beautiful by Mollindathe tree of life is growing by cocinando-coloresThe Red Baroness by SeanDietrich
Sweet Vertigo by AquaSixio
Where The Whoryelle RoamWay down the dockettes where the whoryelle roam,
A place where short skirts adhere tightly to skin,
And clespigs stick fingers in velinge and moan,
At pay-per-hour ceilings stained grobbery dim,
The johns shoot their spunk over wobbling jib-jubs,
While we sip our vodka and dream of some work,
A nice leshiess, three wee kids and a tub,
They wipe their schlots off and return to their lurk.
It’s hard to be honest this side of the track,
There just isn’t room for samaritans, see?
For even the bigjobs are cutting the crack,
All fosprooping gutlas, between you and me.
If this fooken subsence is good as it gets,
Withtake all your clislen, and max out your bets.
myana v5 by zeruchGlamour by takethef
neighbour and neighbor by albertofoto
Brushstroke by by AnaNaszynska Give and GiveJackson3 walked home from the factory in knee deep snow, although the snow bothered him about as much as the sun did in the summer, which was not at all. The water couldn't penetrate his joints, and a thin layer of laser warmed air kept the moisture away from his lenses. He dragged his boots as he walked, using his heavy angular feet to clear as wide a path on the walkways as possible for the people who might travel there after him. Most people weren't weatherproof.
As he passed by the scaffolding where the workers were refacing the old Drake, he stopped, unclipped his carry-all and fished inside.
"Hey Jacks. Some crazy snow. How's the factory today?" The voice preceded the middle aged man from the shadows, and Jackson3 waited as he carefully unfolded himself from the cardboard and tarpaulin shelter he kept tucked out of the wind.
"Snow is snow Peter, it has neither life nor intellectual capacity, so therefore it cannot be crazy." Jackson3 watched as the man shook his head. "The factor

Breeze (version II), large watercolor painting by jane-beataBelladonna by oilsoakedJolie by RipfangDragonHer wings by Felizias
Midlife Crisis III’ve had this hobby for a while, being a pigeon.  It started when Marjorie suggested I stay on at work past retirement age and keep her in the manner to which she had become accustomed.  I’ll be honest, to that point I hadn’t given much thought to my future.  I mean, I might have taken up fishing, got an allotment and pottered a bit in the shed, you know.  I assumed I’d retire, at least, but do something to keep myself out from under Marjorie’s feet.  It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy my job, either, but policing’s a young man’s game when all’s said and done.  You have to know when to call it quits and avoid becoming a laughing stock.  So anyway I didn’t give her an answer then and there; said I’d think about it.
I’d seen a documentary on Channel Four about a man who became a squirrel.  Well, I say became a squirrel.  It was a pretty poor effort if y
A Murmuration of Starlings by jdrainvilleThe Bat Who Stole the Sun by rachelillustratesCommission - Xuan Long and Qi Rui by TouchedVenus
Batman. by Negatic
Nature Finds A Way by AeiresCulture Theory by ulorinvexForte d'Oro - Identity by janvanlysebettens
Causeway by zerocomplex
Firefly by RipfangDragon11th: Will you join me? by TIAvalentinaLove Song by CrimsonMagpiemaehwa by len-yan
untitled by igy
siesta by GonzaleToronto by neomDaVinci's Palace by superkev
Never Free Of It by mjranum
September Cat HaikuA purring cat
tramples across my keyb
Beast of BurdenThere, the wind she feels is driven by
creatures bounding across a universe, tapping gently her neck.
She sings an aching chorus composed in fear
she sings, she sings endless verse to each.
O' come here hare or horse, o' come here bird and bear
nest and trample upon my golden hair.
Bloody my brow; bruise deep my skin
poke my eyes with berry bush stem.
Here, crown my flesh caked tangles with hoof and feather.
Now, with your ears focused on solemn melody; can your eyes see only darkness?
Mock her with growls and squawks.
Use your claws and talons to end her lyric
and compose a natural song in her honor, for she like you is long since dead.
Aritst's impression of The Queen cleaning a toilet by keiross
The Great Hike by myntiHEY CARL, LETS MAKE A RAMP! by KatmommaIn Search Of Mount Fuji by chakrabird
Art installation underwear poo cookies by cybergranny
This, TooI point to the hair on my knuckle
and you say, “yes, this, too, I love.”
It is longer than the year before, curling
a little farther from my body. I say so
and you say, "I know."
I pull it out to two options: am I angry
that you saw my body betraying youth,
that first little slide, and did not tell me?
Or, do I pat your rounding belly and say,
“yes, this, too, I love.”
Bruce Wayne's Girlfriend“Bruce Wayne's Girlfriend”
I dreamed
           I was Batman’s girlfriend;
    he was twice my size
            and a great kisser.
Or maybe          he was just an okay kisser
       because I’d close my eyes
          and wish
                he was you. 
I woke up
           wondering      why
    I’d move in with Batman,
         who kept so many secrets,
who seemed     more in love
   with that one
than he could ever be with me. 
It was nine a.m. and I
      went to pee, 
Living the Everyday Haiku1
climbing the first vertical
it comes to—
a snail on my shoe
leaves falling everywhere
I look, how easy it is
to let them go
I marvel at every
rose bush petal
holding fast in the wind
seed packets in a drawer—
dormant dreams of an herbal garden
come spring
sharp-edged clouds
cutting the moon in half
but not the piercing wind
still in bed—
winter scrubbing the remains
of autumn from the trees
7 (seen on local news today)
king tides—
waves scattering cliff side
spectators with sea foam and awe
how cold the night—
no sound of cricket or bird
yet his breath in slumber
late morning
pulling taut the bed sheet,
outline of my tortoiseshell comb
lace curtain patterns
from a kitchen breeze
fill the empty fruit bowl
chopping winter vegetables
for stew—
my thoughts of summer plums
reflection of my rouged lips
on the window sill
through a water glass
jelly-making day—
pomegranate halves, red
on half-read newspaper

The Cost Was So Much More... by Angelles-LaVeau
beijing hymnEverything's come up cats and sparrows
after a harrowing day on the town; people have come clean,
set down their worries like beer on a coaster. Even the propaganda posters
are looking cheery in their red coats today: there's a certain spring in the air,
the skies are blue and gold with it; and here's me sold on it,
sitting in the street like a jackass singing to God.
There's the migrant worker, brick-footed;
putting down his hard hat to light a fag. There's the rag,
the shirt he wipes his face with. I hear him babbling, voiceless and ear-plentiful;
I see him wrinkle quickly as a stream. And I see him tan like a cherry in summer,
all road-dust and brown. I see him building a tiny shanty town;
I pick up that idea and put it in myself.
There's the street kid in her sticky face
and hands; there's the mouthful of rice she represents
roaring with joy. I see her chasing, racing the city wind and the sound of fall
running blind; she can make two hundred paces in those little plastic shoes.
Hello Mister Magpie, How's Your Lady Wife? /"Dead!" replied the magpie, aflutter with sorrow, as he pitched himself into the sky to escape our pitying hearts. Meat LockerMeat Locker
I had gone down shaking to the freezer
where my face waited in a pail of milk
when the door closed, and I wasn't afraid –
I realised, like lifting free the stubborn
radius from the forelimb, this room lay larger
than the banked meat above, the shop
and its window, the chill street and its ceiling
of stars – that room shut behind me.
Perlescent fat of marmoreal Greece, ramparts
of rainbowed steaks pulled me onwards
while the little lights of my eyes, the stoving
touch of each my fingers sparked a thaw.
If I stared long enough the flesh began to move.
I had that glimpse of the butcher, then,
as he staggered between the aisles
of sweating carcasses that swayed apart,
stopping to bring down the cleaver,
to make small and consumable, to carve off
clods of gristle for his dog
or tapered shapes, supple geometries,
and gently squeezing each in his hands,
prefigured for the chilled cabinets above.

Special Child by Xadrea
The Agent by Kendra-PaigeSmall Welsh village by RhynWilliamsDaniel by JacquelineBarkla
Pablito by synconi
Ginko Necklace by RiemeaMilky Way by SaTaNiAKnow Your Fate by PolarisAstrum
Tangleweed by amyhooton
Untitled 37 by scottoA Puff of Autumn II by raysheafEid Mubarak by FaMz

Browsing by Newest v18

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 19, 2015, 11:37 AM


Old People Things First

I know I've heard a lot of people in a lot of places over the last few weeks asking what's going on with senior membership and deviousness suggestions - and now we have our answer. Check out Moonbeam13's journal Deviousness and Seniority where (in true Danie fashion) she even has a nifty little two-point flowchart to help you! Or if you're already a senior and looking for some things to do, Senior Week at projecteducate needs some more articles so come up with something witty and go send them a note. And, as always, hook up to seniormentors and dAseniors to keep up with goings-on in the senior community. SMP is hosting our weekly crit night in the seniors chatroom this Saturday at 10AMEST/3PMGMT/7AMPST so pop into that and partake in the fun.

Now onto the art:

Browse by Newest, v18

So Many Faces by UseR2006
Frozen0940 by Lucent-ImagesTOGETHER by getcarterSelf-Communication Breakdown IV by EpytafeVitaminic by Daykiney
Medusa by cameraflou
VIVA LA REVOLUCION by xssarahhA men with birds........... :) by ArsalniaziSummer Girl by Maddy95
drifting by nex
B and W by 24eriCoup De Grace by vishstudioOlivia by EmilySoto
First step by diwowirawan
Amour by MonaDesireLike a Dream by Alessia-IzzoCorpse Paint by RibcageCoffeeTableportrait of man by varya666
Some Shopping by Dosshaus
Fold Lines by TomGarotCallao, Lima by blink-clickLake Llewellyn by bidkev
Blackpool Storm 2 by bidkev
******** by pini67#49 Adventures of Dino-Mo Vol. 2 by 365DaysOfMonochromeUnspoken by MKAphotography
Upright bass by ViceChild
Childhood end by MheelyDiana by EmilySotoOverlook. by Tenebrion95Olivia by EmilySoto
Emptiness by elyssa-obscura
surprisingly by analogphotoFerric by Pons-StudiosSnailing Along 2 by RainaAstaldoInca Cool by John--Anthony
Gavials by Novajaphoto
What? by NovajaphotoAutumnal Memories by wind-princessRCS-hi-res-11 by HALFMAX
Komondor Delvin by Krolikus
Coffe wonderfoul. by Gallardo23Concrete Tears by Pierre-LagardeUrbanfobia 6 by AlexandruCrisan
Img 8841-2 by snomanda
Maturity is Overrated by BombshellBoyBolt by JillAuvilleBlind love is by Cora-TianaPoison Ivy by elguntoThe Suits by Kedori
52512365 by immerdar
10. N43Riding the night bus back to your
red-curtained studio, mud skies,
streetlights like lit Gauloises,
Got a smoke? a white boy asks,
& idly on the chill pane scribes
a heart, slits a line through it.
From the dry ice & drum of a club
he loped. If he’s surprised to see you
riding the night bus he doesn’t say.
The night is electric. Connected
he skims his phone. Where is he
going? It’s been a while since you
dated but when you bite into him
he’ll taste like freedom you’re sure.
Near Highgate, he jumps off, disappears
into woods. We must lead independent
lives & besides, what do you love?
I used to speak French - Je ne parle plus francais(audio included)
(version francophone plus bas)

I used to speak French
The sheets are crumpled at our feet -
my head rests on your chest, and
I quietly listen to your heartbeat:
one for you, one for me,
one for you, one for me.
I play with the sunlight in your hair;
with your fingertips you draw
teeny circles on my back.
Seinfield is on -
we're happy.
Je ne parle plus français
Les draps sont en boule à nos pieds -
ma tête repose sur ton torse, et
j'écoute les battements de ton cœur :
un pour toi, un pour moi,
un pour toi, un pour moi.
Je caresse les rayons du soleil dans tes cheveux -
du bout des doigts tu dessines
de tout petits cercles sur mon dos.
À la télé, il y a Seinfield -
nous sommes heureux.
-SophieC, february 2012
SpoilersI own six heavy seconds
nested in the pearly, bluish dunes
somewhere in a ripple, surely.
I am the owl that was
on sycamore perch, staring through the wood
at strangers blooming in the dark
their false skins rusted stuck;
I've dreamt them northern onions-
how I'd peel back each layer
and cry at all the evil they became.
The seldom in our hearts is often overwhelming,
encouraging our envy- allowing us our joy
somewhere in a ripple. Surely
this is not the way
we're meant to live.

The Empty Chair(Alyssa) by G-Rhys-Sellers

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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 11:40 AM


Critique Night

Last night in the Seniors Chatroom we held our weekly critique night as part of seniormentors - it began at 6pm EST and ran on for over two and a half hours, and included works across literally every medium and style from nonfiction prose to digital manga-style drawings. Users who offered critique included RhynWilliams, PinkyMcCoversong, JenFruzz, Riemea, Kendra-Paige, HtBlack, Moni3 and the various users who shared pieces too - thanks everyone! The next critique night will be Saturday, February 21st at 6pm EST/11pm GMT/3pm PST and hosted by GrimFace242. Should be good times; be sure to watch the seniormentors group for updates about future events. The pieces we critiqued last night included:

Lord Shen's peaceful time by deaddarkness Sayuri by George-B-ArtMelting Down by DocksieIanna by KrausC
Undertow by Kendra-Paige
Ryu ~ The Rampaging Demon ~ by ElfCallerdon't silence me. by iAmoretCall Me, Beep Me by Ruyeka-San

Now onto the usual features:

Browsing by Newest, v17

Yves Tanguy and Me by Misiek92
Back by mywylouno title 172 by ABritoonce in the restaurant by DenisGoncharovAries by Mishkina
Selfportrait #1 by MiriamViola
Brush Strokes by JWBeyondLizard Lick by JWBeyondButt Stuff by JWBeyond
Rastaman 1 by Foolish-Artist
Erika II 2015. 3 by ivoturkNoir 5 by ketohGenuineness by PumpkynModelA0025b by johnnyricher
Noir 2 by ketoh
Sunbath by fly10Dance by Gaelouthe beast by baspunk
A Constant State of Nostalgia by Cloud-Factory
The Surgeon by F4ustDancers by lawrencewparamnesia by Luccas-plEvasive Maneuver 7985 by Sooper-Deviant
Beyond by AndrewShoemaker
Love At First Sight by FrankGoCgc 8777 by gordo99Lookin at Me? by OfftoErebor
In The World Of Lovelies by WishmasterAlchemist
Night Fisherman by kohchangphotographyWaihee Valley by AndrewShoemakerCoffee #2 by Jolandaxx
Western Sahara by SevimDalan
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[The above is a found poem biography/artist's statement made of animated gifs. Oops.]

I'm C "Mark" Perry, the picture-taking former Gallery Moderator for Photography who proselytized about pringles, pandas and polaroids. In meatspace I worked as a designer and staff photographer for several years, then swapped into marketing management; I still freelance, show and sell my work but I don't like to talk about it. I'm a once-upon-a-time lit kid who's had a poem/editorial published here and there. I paint too. P is not my favourite letter, but you'd never believe that based on this paragraph.

I was around the site, dAmn and IRC on a few other accounts on and off since before dinosaurs had feathers, most notably on the account `IBinsanity, where I probably left you with a very [un]favourable first impression.



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